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Your Perfect Financial Recipe is Here

Today, financial planning for most people can be delivered effectively through technology, plus it's less prone to errors and human biases.

Recipe is about creating a unique fusion of the best of technology and the best of humans where technology ensures that your financial goals are accurately aligned to your financial appetite, while human experts ensure rock solid stock & mutual fund recommendations.

Introducing- India’s first progressive financial platform that turns you into a clever investor.

Everything you need is here.

Power-packed Investment Tools

Whether you are an 18-year-old saving money for a trip or a middle-aged individual seeking a comfortable retirement, Recipe has the perfect financial solutions for all.

Your Financial X-Ray Report

Get a 360° assessment of your financial health status along with suggestions based on your score.

Comprehensive Recommendation

Get Research on multiple investment avenues starting from Stocks, mutual funds to more solution-specific choices like NPS, Liquid Funds ELSS etc.

Premium Insights

Boost your investment knowledge and stay ahead of the market with the latest ideas and insights from industry experts.

Timely Updates & Alerts

Timely Updates on the performance of your portfolio, views on market trends and entry and exit alerts, related to the recommended instruments.

Smart Dashboard

Keep track of your net worth, financial goals and investment recommendations, all in one single place.

How to get your perfect Recipe?

Analyse Your Financial position

Evaluate your spendings, savings, borrowings & investments and determine your current financial situation.

Know your personality

Identify your personality traits and get an investment portfolio that matches it.

Build Your Goals

Turn all your goals into reality with multiple action plans created to suit your personality and financial position.

Get your 360° recipe

Find out what's exactly wrong with your finances and get clever steps to boost your networth.

Invest with our Stock Recommendation

Get actionable stock recommendations and execute your curated investment strategy based on your results.

Stay on the track.

Remember to keep updating your recipe profile to ensure your financial plan adjusts according to your current financial situation. Make sure you're on the right path by tracking-

  • Your Financial Standing
  • Your Investing Personality
  • Your Financial Goals
  • Your Ideal Recommendations
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