Financial Planning

The All-Inclusive Financial Planning Tool

Financial Planning is complicated. Add to it spreadsheets, long calls and mis-selling… it becomes over-complicated! But no more. NO more human biases, NO complications, NO thick charges. Recipe is here to change the way you plan and manage your personal finance!

Set yourself on the journey to perfect your financial profile and achieve your goals with Recipe. And guess what? With its phenomenal tools and calculators, you can do it all by yourself! Like people love to call it… India’s first progressive DIY financial platform. Go on and discover for yourself.

Why is Financial Planning important?

Financial Planning is the key to achieving your financial goals with the least amount of hassle. Without a doubt, it is the best form of independence as everything else falls into line when your finances are sound. Involving all aspects of life, there are many aspects that come under its umbrella, and they’re all very vital to take into consideration:

Emergency Fund

Protect yourself and your loved ones from financial emergencies.

Insurance Planner

Determine how much insurance coverage you and your family need.

Debt Diagnosis

Create a much-needed balance between Debt and EMIs for financial stability.

Spending Habit

Manage your spending habits to maintain a good flow of income.

Financial Appetite

Get an insight into your financial capabilities and find an investing style that best suits you.

Child Education

Plan and secure large expenses such as your children’s higher education.

Dream House

See your dreams turn to reality and plan it in the most cost-effective way.

Retirement Plan

Secure your post-retirement life with other income sources and savings.

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Financial X-ray Report

Recipe’s Financial X-Ray Report, simply yet carefully, scans & identifies gaps in your overall financial profile, and suggests improvements on your financial standings. Our financial doctor gives you a diagnosis based on your current financial position (Prosperity Ingredients), your risk profile (Financial Appetite) & your dreams (Goal Planner). With the array of phenomenal tools in Recipe, you can improve your financial health and be prepared for future emergencies.

The Recipe Advantage

The best of humans & the best of technology... Recipe brings the perfect blend of both the worlds. From correcting mistakes in your financial plan and providing action plans for your dreams to suggesting rock solid stock & mutual fund recommendations, Recipe is everything you wish to be in your very own personal financial planner. Plus, it is:


0% Commission


100% Unbiased


200% Tech Driven


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Financial Planning is a systematic planning procedure to meet the important life goals of an individual. Essentially, it helps you to effectively manage your expenses, savings and investments, so that you can reach your goals on time. It assists you in creating adequate funds for your post retirement needs, so that you don't have to compromise on your lifestyle.   


You just need to think what are your financial milestones and why you want to achieve those! It can be debt payoff, purchasing a car, buying of a house or an early retirement. After determining your goals, you need to evaluate your income, budget and liabilities. Having an understanding of these things will help to frame realistic goals and prioritize your goals. 

Financial planning is a step by step process that helps you achieve your financial goals, be it short-term or long-term. The process includes evaluating your current fianncial status in order to financial leakages. When you create a financial plan, you get a good deal of insight into your income and expenses. You can track and cut down your costs consciously. This automatically increases your savings and wealth in the long run.