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Grow Your Wealth with Quality Stock Recommendations

You know? There are over 4000 listed companies in India. Just imagine the amount of effort and time it would take to analyze each of those companies & pick the right stocks for yourself! But, save yourself the trouble because Recipe offers ready-made, expert-picked stocks that are rock-solid, both in terms of quality and value.

Our offerings go way beyond recommendations. Recipe also guides you with essential updates about how a stock is as per your risk appetite, what proportion of your money you should invest in which stock at what price & time, when you should sell it and a lot more.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

The booming investment avenue, Stock Market, is getting increasingly popular with time. But is that why you should invest in stocks? NO! In fact, the reasons are pretty clear:

  • More profitable than FDs
  • Higher liquidity than FDs
  • Low risk when market inflates
  • Indirect platform to grow wealth
  • No minimum investment

What does Recipe have for you?

15+ Hot Stocks to Buy

Feed the Investor in you with Recipe’s Hot Stock Recommendations! A quality-assured stock basket with reliable and unbiased information that caters to varying risk profiles as well as investment objectives. With your goals taken into consideration, these stocks help you invest for your dream, enrich your portfolio and make long-term investment like a pro!

Actionable Details

We don’t stop at merely recommending. 😉 Get information on which stock suits your risk profile. Know what proportion you must invest in a particular stock at a particular price & time. Stay updated with continuous buy/sell/hold alerts on stocks, companies’ results and much more on Recipe.

Stock Research Reports

More important than a stock recommendation is the rationale behind it. Why did 9/10 stocks not make their way to the list while that one did? Now, find out why we picked a particular stock with the help of thorough research reports on the company’s financials, business model, headwinds, tailwinds, and valuation.

Industry investment insights

Lucrative investment avenues, emerging industries, multibaggers and personal finance hacks.. We plan to get it all covered! Stay up-to-date with changing business trends and get additional information on the functioning of several industries with our thoroughly analyzed Investment Insights.

Mutual funds, insurance and more

Various asset classes carry varying objectives. Hence, merely having good stocks in your portfolio isn’t enough. Recipe also recommends other investment instruments such as Mutual Funds, Bonds, Insurance, and FD to balance your portfolio and help you in your financial journey.


Ask anything, we would love to answer

  1. Style and fund type -  There are different types of mutual funds options available like equity funds, debt funds, Hybrid funds etc. The fund selection primarily depends on one’s financial goal and risk tolerance.
  2. Expense ratio - The expense ratio is simply the total percentage of fund assets that are being charged to cover fund expenses. The higher the ratio, the lower the investor's return and thus one should stick to funds with a reasonable expense ratio.
  3. Returns : It’s important to check a fund’s performance across different market cycles. A fund which has been consistently beating the index and has a lower degree of volatility is a preferred choice for investors.

Recipe offers a diversified mutual fund basket which has been filtered through quality, consistency and reliable investment strategy.

We offer expert-picked stocks that are rock solid in terms of quality, financials and value. Our team follows a process oriented investing framework called DeepScan, that focuses on profitable companies, operating in a space with sizable opportunity with an attractive price tag. We never invest based on trend driven or news driven ideas. The minimum investment period for our stock recommendations is generally 3-4 Years.

One of the most important aspects of stock investing for beginners as well as advanced investors is “staying within your circle of competence”. This basically means investing in companies which you understand. The stock picking process involves several things like evaluating the business quality, analysing the financials, finding the intrinsic value etc. Also, the investment strategy greatly depends on the type of investor you are.

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Investing in mutual funds is considered to be one of the best ways to build a corpus in the long term. But before investing you should plan it out.

  • Know your goals - Before choosing a mutual fund, the first step is to decide the goal i.e. the time frame you are looking to invest for, return expectations, etc. since these will help you choose a fund that is best suited to your requirements.
  • Go for SIP : If you are a naive investor, it is better to invest via SIP mode where you can put a small amount periodically. 
  • Invest for the long term : A long term investment strategy is the best to deal with market volatility. When you invest for a longer horizon, you let your investments go through business and market cycles, which helps earn stable returns and beat market volatility. 

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Irrespective of the type of investor you are, you should always focus on creating a diversified portfolio. Generally, an investor should hold minimum 10-15 stocks from different sectors and market capitalization to minimize the overall portfolio risk.

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