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Finology ONE

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  • Goal-based Investment Plan: Be it a house, a car, your Crorepati dream or a comfortable retirement, get a step closer to achieving it with a fool-proof investment plan.
  • Portfolio Mix that suits you: ‘One-size-doesn’t-fit-all’. So, know how much to invest in which instrument by inserting just a few details about you.
  • 15+ Stock Recommendations: Get a well-diversified basket of quality stocks picked after thorough research by our experts along with buy/sell alerts, allocation percentage & investment thesis.
  • Mutual Fund Recommendations: Get a combination of handpicked mutual funds that have been filtered through the framework of quality and consistency.
  • FREE with Finology One: Also get 45+ courses on investing & premium stock research tools bundled with Finology One, everything at just Rs 499/-


Find answers to common questions that you may have in your mind.

The subscription includes complete and hassle-free access to:

  1. Recipe- Premium subscription includes over 15 well-researched stock recommendations and quality mutual fund recommendations to cater to your financial goals.
  2. Quest- Finology’s content-rich financial learning platform which includes over 25 premium courses, premium certifications, access to the new course every month and other useful resources like downloadable notes, flashcards, etc.
  3. TickerPlus- Finology’s premium stock research platform which includes premium bundles, powerful valuation calculators, smart portfolio monitoring where you can add over 50 stocks and advanced analytical tools.

You can avail the subscription at a sensational price of Rs. 499/- a month (plus taxes) that auto renews monthly. With this subscription, you can access all our premium tools and platforms (Tickerplus, Quest and Recipe). The subscription auto renews monthly to ease you from your burdens.

Finology is a one-stop destination for all your investing necessities, it includes three great products that are available for free. The subscription to Finology One, however, supercharges the features of these expert-crafted products, developed solely to ease your financial journey.

One of the most important aspects of stock investing for beginners as well as advanced investors is “staying within your circle of competence”. This basically means investing in companies which you understand. The stock picking process involves several things like evaluating the business quality, analysing the financials, finding the intrinsic value etc. Also, the investment strategy greatly depends on the type of investor you are. If you want to know our picks for long term wealth creation, subscribe to Finology one.

Investing in mutual funds is considered to be one of the best ways to build a corpus in the long term. But before investing you should plan it out.

  • Know your goals - Before choosing a mutual fund, the first step is to decide the goal i.e. the time frame you are looking to invest for, return expectations, etc. since these will help you choose a fund that is best suited to your requirements.
  • Go for SIP : If you are a naive investor, it is better to invest via SIP mode where you can put a small amount periodically.
  • Invest for the long term : A long term investment strategy is the best to deal with market volatility. When you invest for a longer horizon, you let your investments go through business and market cycles, which helps earn stable returns and beat market volatility.

Sign up to Recipe by Finology to know our choices for creating a diversified long term mutual fund portfolio.

Irrespective of the type of investor you are, you should always focus on creating a diversified portfolio. Generally, an investor should hold minimum 10-15 stocks from different sectors and market capitalization to minimize the overall portfolio risk. If you want access to our stock portfolio, subscribe to Finology one.

We offer expert-picked stocks that are rock solid in terms of quality, financials and value. Our team follows a process oriented investing framework called DeepScan, that focuses on profitable companies, operating in a space with sizable opportunity with an attractive price tag. We never invest based on trend driven or news driven ideas. The minimum investment period for our stock recommendations is generally 3-4 Years.

The principle of value investing is the key drivers of Finology’s functioning. Reasonable valuations are always the best determinants to gain exposure in quality investee companies. And so, the number of stocks in our portfolio varies depending on the market conditions.

Team Finology embodies the principle of quality over quantity. For us, our patrons are everything. And this reflects on the portfolios we provide; they’re neither too diversified nor too concentrated and hence, function finely to give you the best investing experience. To further cater to your financial growth, we recommend 4 well-diversified Mutual Funds in a portfolio.

Recipe’s purpose is to enable you to check, analyse and fix financial issues by yourself. And so as a DIY investment platform, we do not provide personalised recommendations as per your risk profile. The recommendations given are the same for all and we do not provide individual advice.

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