Retirement Planning

A hack for comfortable life even after retirement

Retirement planning is of extreme importance when it comes to safeguarding your future. A structured and disciplined investment plan can help you have an independent, secured and comfortable post-retirement life.

It is a commonly known advice that one must start retirement planning in their late-20s. But we believe that it’s never too early or late to start. The best time was yesterday, the second best time is today. So, secure your future with Recipe’s step-by-step guide to retirement planning.

Why should you plan your retirement?

Medical Emergencies

Medical expenditures in old age are extensive and bound to drain every penny out of you unless you have it covered with proper planning.


Merely saving money in an FD wouldn’t help in the future if the cost of living is too much. A sound retirement plan is the only way to fight the ever-inflating future economy.

Retirement Goals

Life doesn’t end after retirement, does it? All that most of us wish for after retirement is a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. But to keep up even with this basic goal, you need to have a proper plan!

Tax Saving

Along with inflation, taxes also contribute to the degrowth of your funds. But, thanks to proper planning, you can eliminate or lessen its impact!

Recipe to the rescue

The Right plan

A perfect blend of human expertise and technology to guide you smoothly through your financial journey. Be it your basic living expenses or post-retirement staycation or a house in the woods or any of your dreams, Recipe has got it all covered. Analyze your goals on Recipe and get plans that match your temperament because YOU ARE UNIQUE!

Chef's Suggestions

We say, modify your plans and not your dreams! Recipe’s Chef helps you replan your investment journey to best align with your goals and provides investment recommendations to back that plan. Chef’s Suggestions are meant to help you mould your financial habits in the best of ways to achieve your goals and objectives on time.

The Right Allocation Mix

We believe in uniqueness! Every person is unique in terms of their needs, goals and ability to take risks. And so, every suggestion you get from Recipe’s Chefs is entirely based on your goals, financial habits and risk-taking abilities. Get a balanced portfolio comprising expert-picked Stocks and Mutual Funds, and other recommendations to help you become an independent retiree.

Secret Tips

There’s a lot beyond the obvious in each financial product. These attributes skip the picture often overshadowed by aggressive selling and product-push. But not anymore! With Recipe’s Secret Tips, know what your advisors might not tell you about your financial plans and be prepared to cope with all investment-related matters.


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