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Finology 30

Handpicked investment ideas for the long term.

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Get Finology's flagship stock basket at a discounted price.

Picture a portfolio of 30 stocks that grow with you in the long term, that cut down the threat of market volatility, and, above all, are analysed under Finology’s expert and unbiased proprietary framework.

On popular demand, introducing - Finology 30

Investing worries? Finology 30's got you covered.

Lack of ideas

🤔 I want to invest in stocks but I don't know where to begin out of 5000+ companies.

💡 Get a list of 30 quality stocks.

Recency bias

🤔 I rely on latest information and don't look much into the history of the company.

💡 Access quick summaries of the company's long history.

Incomplete reports

🤔 I get information from research reports but they aren't actionable or practical.

💡 Get actionable items like valuation & max buy.

Lack of time

🤔 I invest but then fail to track the stock on a regular basis.

💡 Recieve important updates on the stocks.

Unfit for goals

🤔 I invest but the volatility of stocks makes it unfit for my goals.

💡 Access the benefit of long-term approach.

Fear of losses

🤔 I fear losing and that is why fail to invest.

💡 Risk-averse approach for your peace of mind.

Our stock picking strategy for Finology 30

Stable Stocks
Decent Growth
Market Leaders
Quality Business
Sustainable Moat
Healthy Financials
Management Pedigree
Reasonable Valuation

What sets Finology 30 apart?

Secrets of Recipe's long-term approach.










What will you get in Finology 30?

Stocks that grow over time.

30 Stock Ideas

A basket of 30 good long term-stocks that have been picked considering the aspects of robust business model, decent growth, good management pedigree and stability.

Valuation & Buy It Below price

Actionable items like the current valuation of the stock and the price above which we don't recommend you to buy the stock, that assist you in making investment decisions in real life.

Stock Reports

Detailed & unbiased Research Reports on these companies to help you understand the reasoning behind our choice of stock.

Important updates

Know your stocks better with our regular tracking and important updates on corporate announcements, communicated timely via email.


A long-vetted, well-structured and documented procedure for picking stocks with priority to capital preservation and growth, the ultimate goal behind investing.

Long-term horizon

With our focus on helping you build wealth, all our stock picks in Finology 30 are ideal for the long haul, spanning over a decade or more.

Unbiased & Independent

We aren't dependent on any institution and operate with a well-drafted framework, which ensures that there aren't any biases and that all efforts are directed towards the benefit of clients only.